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After a 36 year career in the computer industry that included presenting IBM's corporate strategy to customer executive groups in corporate headquarters and around the world and lecturing in computer science at New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Al Kustanowitz started a second career to share his love for Jewish humor with audiences worldwide.

Al founded Jewish Humor Central, an Internet blog, in 2009, to bring a daily dose of fun and merriment to readers who would otherwise start the day reading news that is often drab, dreary, and depressing. Each day thousands of subscribers in hundreds of countries get it by email, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscriptions are free.

The blog posts vary from day to day, and include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, unbelievable but true news items, and anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. Most are new, and some are classics. A long-term devotee of Jewish humor, Al has been collecting it even before there was an internet. For the last 25 years he has been editor and publisher of The Kustanowitz Kronikle, originally a family newsletter that went public when the Purim editions became too popular to keep private. Now they’re all available as a book, The Kustanowitz Kronikle: 25 Years of Purim Parody.


In 2012, Al wrote a series of seven interactive eBooks with the series title Jewish Humor on Your Desktop. The seven volumes are subtitled: Volume 1: Old Jokes and New Comedians

Volume 2: Israel is a Funny Country

Volume 3: Humor in Jewish Life – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Volume 4: Jewish Traces in Unexpected Places

Volume 5: Yiddish is a Funny Language

Volume 6: Jewish Holiday Hilarity

Volume 7: Yiddishe Nachas

All seven volumes and the complete collection in a single volume are available at in Kindle and paperback editions.

In 2013, Al started to produce and present lectures on Jewish Humor, The Great Jewish Comedians, The Great Jewish Entertainers, and Jewish Composers of the Great American Songbook at synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, resort hotels and other locations.

As the coronavirus pandemic recedes, Al's lectures are now available via Zoom as well as live in person.

If you are interested in booking a presentation on Jewish Humor, Jewish Comedians, Jewish Entertainers, The Great American Songbook, or on any of his 23 programs, contact Al via email at or via phone at 201-390-7535.

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